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Tennis levaquin vs cipro Overview

Biofeedback & Neurofeedback training can help a tennis player improve muscular tension, stress levels and brain states for performance & recovery. In addition, the more an athlete can control an uncontrollable situation the more confident they will be.

Team Leader

Stephanie NihonThe BFE Tennis team is led by Stephanie Nihon, a former varsity and national athlete herself in the USA and Australia, who has been working with elite athletes for over 7 years. The BFE Tennis suite is based on her training style and experience with tennis players, as well as the guidance imparted from working closely for several years with Dr. Vietta (Sue) Wilson and Dr. Michael Thompson. An important part of the software creation was to include exercises that are out-of-the-ordinary and that really help to instill the training goals.

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The BFE offers a variety of educational opportunities from software applications to online classes and webinars. We invite you to explore our online shop to see the many options available related to Tennis.

Stephanie Nihon recently presented a webinar on Tennis: Optimizing Performance. The recording is now available in the BFE Online Shop.


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